organic food supplements

Taking Organic Food Supplements–For Optimal Health!

Taking organic food supplements is an easy and effective way to get your health on track. When I was a young child many years ago, I can remember that my grandparents had a garden every spring and summer, so we ate loads of fresh vegetables with our main meal of the day.  They had gardens for two very important reasons: they had vegetables just by walking out in the back yard, and it was cheaper  and of better quality than buying vegatables at the grocery store.  However, today, our Read More

face lift exercises

Exercise Your Face Younger

We have an obsession with youth and youthful looks. No one wants to look old. These are some of the reasons why women and men think about face lift exercises. Surgical face lifts are very expensive and risky. They are not covered by insurance and they are not always successful. You can achieve a firmer, tighter more youthful looking skin without breaking the bank by choosing a good exercise program for your face and add it into your daily routine Read More

true heart of America

The True Heart of America is What’s Happening in Houston—NOT Charlottesville!

We were shocked by the tragedies that recently occurred in Charlottesville, and we were even more shocked that outsiders might think that those actions spoke for all of us.  However, the true heart of America is what’s happening in Houston—NOT Charlottesville! Today, we see people from all walks of life, all races, all religions coming together in Houston to help however and whenever they can…whether it is using their personal boats to remove stranded people from their homes to offering Read More

proper exercise

Proper Exercise Versus Recreational Activities: Which Will Help You the Most?

Proper exercise versus recreational activity…which one is the most helpful?  There is a lot of confusion these days over what proper exercise is and what are recreational activities. The full gamet of recreational activities range from little or no exercise at all (eg walking, mowing the lawn, golf, etc) to the opposite end of the spectrum with more athletic activities that include running, mountain climbing, basketball, etc.  All of these activities are recreational, but the exercise component is always marginal and incomplete.  You cannot assume that because Read More

mental health recovery

Mental Health Recovery Should be Handled with Dignity

In this world of a mad rush for money, fame and lifestyle, people around the world are under tremendous pressure and stress. When one is exposed to mental stress and anxiety for long, he may start suffering from mental illness like depression, etc. Besides this, there are various causes that bring about mental illness in an individual. Whatever may be the cause, the individual experiencing mental illness requires support and handholding towards Mental Health Recovery. While some of the individuals Read More

five tips to lose weight

Healthy Diet to Lose Weight – Are You Willing to Follow Five Tips to Lose Weight?

You say you need to lose weight.  If I give you five tips to lose weight, will you follow them?  If you are struggling with being overweight you are not alone. Improper nutrition, as well as the lack of exercise are the main causes of obesity in today’s modern world. There are plenty of diets available that promise you will lose weight fast, but it is preferable to choose a healthy diet to lose weight and keep it off. A healthy diet to Read More

mover for life

Finding the Time for Fitness and Starting a New Exercise Program

Our bodies were created for movement; otherwise, we would not have movable and flexible joints, etc., but do you consider yourself a mover for life? Perhaps a lifelong mover? This movement is the one thing that will keep your body in a state of wellness for your whole life. But what do you do when you realize that you are not looking or feeling your best, and you have a special event coming up? Maybe it’s a high school reunion, Read More

mental health insurance

Understand Your Options For Mental Health Insurance

When we think of health insurance, we generally take that term to mean physical health insurance, yet we need mental health insurance, too.  Our mental health is interlocked with our physical health, and both need insurance. Most people, who have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, often overlook the importance of health insurance for mental health coverage. In fact, it was not until very recently that insurance for mental disorders was made available. Insurance companies did not consider these Read More

mental illness

The Role Of The Mental Health Organizations in Mental Illness

Mental Health has always been a matter of concern. A considerable percentage of the world’s population experiences some sort of mental illness every year. This can be a direct result of the stressful lifestyle most people have nowadays. Mental illness such as depression and anxiety are quite common in today’s time. Mental illness in turn leads to poor physical health as well. Mental Health Services are provided by a number of government as well as non government organizations. The governmental organizations offer Read More

manage your diabetes

Three Ways That Exercise Can Help You Manage your Diabetes

Exercise is one of the best ways to manage your diabetes.  Of course, you must be careful to avoid overdoing your exercises or hurting yourself.  On top of this, exercise also has a number of additional benefits including an improved appearance, greater strength and more energy. Today, we will look at options to manage your diabetes:  the exercises that work best for diabetics, the precautions you should take when exercising and the benefits exercise can have on your diabetes. To begin, let’s discuss the Read More

better sleep

Did You Know You Can Exercise Your Way to Better Sleep?

Exercise provides numerous benefits to the people that exercise on a regular basis.  One of those many benefits is better sleep!   Who would have thought that putting your body through the rigors of exercise could produce the benefits of falling asleep more quickly for a sounder night’s sleep?!  It’s truly amazing when you stop to think about it. Daily exercise can also correct periods of sleeplessness linked to increased stress or anxiety in the person’s life. Achieving better sleep through exercise Read More

sound mental health

Sound Mental Health: Try These Simple Tips to Improve Your Health

When  talking about being healthy, most folks restrict their fitness practices to physical health only.  However, sound mental health should also be a part of your total fitness picture. If you want to be your best, holistically, that is to say both physically and mentally, you just need to abide by a few simple tips, and you’ll have a sharper, more active mind. Stay physically active. This is the first and foremost thing that you ought to do if you wish to stay psychologically healthy. Recent Read More

Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

The Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

By now, everyone should know that exercise is essential for your good health.  The benefits of exercise during pregnancy not only help the mother, but the baby as well.  If you have been in the habit of regular exercise prior to pregnancy, then you should continue to exercise regularly with your doctor’s blessing, of course. Swimming, walking, and yoga are very popular exercise activities that are suitable for pregnant women. More strenuous exercises, such as weight lifting, may be acceptable as long Read More

social lives

Happy Social Lives Are Crucial to Good Mental Health

Humans are social animals and the quality of our social lives determines our mental health.  Without solid, reliable relationships, our mental and physical healths suffer.  When we enter this life, we are totally dependent for our very survival on our primary caregiver, usually our mothers.  This one relationship typically influences all the other relationships in our lives.  Our survival, as a species, depends on how well we manage our social lives. Our social lives can also improve our brain health Read More